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Even a small apple a day will help keep diabetes at bay.

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A modest increase in fruit and vegetable intake may help prevent type 2 diabetes, in keeping with a study published online on July 8, 2020. BMJ. From a much larger study of nearly 340,000 people from eight European countries, scientists chosen 9,754 participants who had been newly diagnosed with diabetes over a decade. The researchers compared the fruit and vegetable intake of those with nearly 13,000 participants who remained diabetes-free through the study period. The researchers also measured blood levels of seven essential plant nutrients, including vitamin C and brightly coloured antioxidant pigments called carotenoids. People with the best intakes of vegetables and fruit and the best blood levels of plant-derived nutrients were 25% to 50% less more likely to develop diabetes through the study period than those with the bottom intake of those foods. Of the groups that ate the least or the bottom dietary level. Even higher, the plate didn't need the additional greens, reds, yellows and oranges to cut back the chance of diabetes. Just two-thirds of a medium apple or greater than one-third of a cup of mixed fruit every day provides protection.

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