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How can I cure my dry hands?

Ask the doctors.

I used to clean my hands incessantly within the winter and so they are still dry and chapped. Can you offer some suggestions which may help?

Oh You will not be alone. Many persons are washing more diligently for the reason that start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although good hand hygiene is significant, it will probably dry out the skin in your hands quickly.

To keep your skin hydrated, lower the water temperature when washing. Hot water dries the skin lower than hot water. You may even use cold water, so long as you’re employed the soap right into a lather. Also, moisturize your skin with a heavy hand cream immediately after washing. Apply the cream when your skin is barely damp.

To help heal your dry and chapped skin, consider an extra nighttime treatment as well. Apply a thick moisturizer or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to your hands before going to bed. Then put cloth gloves, or perhaps a pair of fresh socks in your hands. This allows the moisturizer to work whilst you sleep.

Keeping your hands clean is an efficient method to stay healthy, and washing your hands with soap and water is an ideal method to do that. When soap and water will not be available, use hand sanitizer with alcohol, which is able to kill most germs.

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