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Treating sleep apnea reduces hospital readmissions for heart problems in older adults.

Up to 60% of individuals with heart disease even have sleep apnea – meaning they stop respiration briefly and ceaselessly during sleep. But treating the latter may help with the previous, a brand new study suggests. Researchers found that asthmatic patients who were hospitalized for heart disease were 60 percent less more likely to return to the hospital inside a month in the event that they were proactive in managing their asthma.

The evaluation checked out Medicare data on 1,301 heart disease patients (average age 73) who were diagnosed with sleep apnea and received CPAP therapy — a mask to maintain the airway open while sleeping. – and who were hospitalized for heart problems. Within two years of diagnosis of asthma. Approximately 10% of participants were rehospitalized inside 30 days of this hospitalization. But the readmission rate was much lower for participants who consistently used CPAP therapy than for many who didn't. The study was published online on August 8, 2022. Clinical sleep medicineThe researchers said it underscored how effectively treating sleep apnea could help improve outcomes and reduce health care costs for heart patients.

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