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Tool of the Month: Body Weight Scale

Editor's note: In 2024, we'll use this space to spotlight devices or gadgets of potential interest to individuals who have (or are liable to) heart disease.

Since being obese affects your cardiovascular health, it's price watching your weight. Some evidence suggests that day by day weight checks can assist people reduce weight or at the very least avoid weight gain, but weekly weigh-ins are also reasonable. Compared to an analog scale, which displays weight using a pointer on a dial, a digital scale that displays numbers is more accurate and easier to read. To go a step further, you may upgrade to a wise scale, which connects to your smartphone using an app, so you may record and track your weight over time.

Also called bioelectrical impedance evaluation in lots of smart scales. It sends a small current through your bare feet to attempt to estimate your body fat, muscle mass and water weight. However, the accuracy—and relevance—of those readings will not be well established. And although you could not feel the present, individuals with a pacemaker or defibrillator shouldn't use this feature.

Photo: © Amfer75/Getty Images