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Removing the ovaries before menopause can pose health risks.

According to a study published online on September 12, 2023, women who've each ovaries removed before menopause may experience several chronic health conditions many years later. Menopause.

The study involved 274 women (average age 67 years) who had their ovaries removed before menopause for a noncancerous condition – either with or with no hysterectomy. An average of twenty-two years after their surgery, the ladies underwent a comprehensive physical examination to evaluate the presence of any chronic conditions and to measure their strength and mobility. Women who were younger than 46 when their ovaries were removed were 64 percent more more likely to have arthritis, obstructive sleep apnea, and greater than women of the identical age who had their ovaries removed. were twice and almost thrice more more likely to occur. There was a bone fracture. They also performed worse within the six-minute walk test. Women who had their ovaries removed between the ages of 46 and 49 were also more more likely to have arthritis and sleep apnea than women of the identical age who didn't have the surgery. However, researchers have found no link between ovarian removal before menopause and other conditions, including cancer, diabetes, dementia, hypertension, high cholesterol, irregular heart rhythms, osteoporosis, or kidney, liver, or thyroid disease. found

Women who've their ovaries removed before menopause should consider estrogen therapy until age 50, the study authors said.

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