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Playing with dogs helps people concentrate and chill out, a study says

March 14, 2024 – A brand new study takes a particular have a look at the health advantages of interacting with a dog. The study found that dog walking relaxes people; Brushing a dog improves concentration. and fidgeting with a puppy does each.

In the studyThirty adults wore headsets with electrodes that measured their brain waves while they interacted with a 4-year-old poodle named Aro. The adults participated in eight activities with the dog and every activity lasted three minutes. These activities were: meeting, playing, feeding, massaging, grooming, taking photos, hugging and walking. Study participants filled out surveys about their emotional feelings after each activity.

“Previous studies on the potential benefits of animal interactions often take a holistic approach, comparing people's mood or hormone levels before and after spending time with a dog,” said Onyoo Yoo, the study's creator and a researcher at Konkuk University in South Korea NBC News. “It is an important finding that engaging in certain activities with dogs can increase specific brain activity.”

Participants said they were less stressed, drained and depressed after each activity.

Alpha brain waves became stronger as participants played and walked with Aro. Alpha waves indicate stability and leisure, and the outcomes suggest that participants experienced higher rest and leisure.

“Beta brain waves, associated with attention and concentration, became stronger when participants played with Aro, brushed her, or gave her a gentle massage – a sign that people's concentration improved without increasing stress.” , NBC News reported.

Massaging the dog, giving treats and hugging also improved the participants' mood. Participants said additionally they felt comfortable walking with Aro and felt relaxed while being massaged.