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More than 7 million Americans have received the brand new COVID vaccine

Oct. 13, 2023 – About 7 million people within the U.S. have received the brand new COVID-19 vaccine because the country enters what health officials are currently calling cold, flu and COVID season.

The latest number is about 3 million shots higher than the number reported every week ago. However, uptake is about 600,000 doses behind last season.

CDC Director Mandy Cohen, MD, MPH, cited the 7 million vaccinations as she got her own COVID booster shot Thursday in California at a mobile clinic arrange at a senior community. The (San Jose, CA) Mercury News reported. The variety of 7 million vaccinations administered since September 12 was also reported by CNN And Reutersciting the US Department of Health and Human Services.

In his weekly virus metrics update on his COVID data tracker On the web site, the CDC doesn’t typically report the variety of COVID vaccines administered. For the week ending Sept. 30, about 11% of all COVID tests reported to the CDC were positive, and the virus accounted for 1.6% of all emergency room visits.

“October is the right time to get vaccinated,” Cohen told the Los Angeles Times. “As we move into the late fall and winter … we expect to see more spread of COVID in November, December and January.”

This is the primary time in the course of the pandemic that the country's strategy has been to supply an annual fall COVID vaccine, much like an annual flu shot. It can be the primary time the rollout of updated vaccines will depend on the private sector after the federal public health emergency ends. The rollout was marked by insurance problems and provide problems. The vaccinations needs to be provided with none co-payment by insurance firms or federal programs.

A Summary About COVID vaccines released this week by the CDC says that last yr, COVID vaccines prevented 18.5 million hospitalizations and likewise 3.2 million deaths.

“Currently, older adults (age 65 years or older) and infants younger than 6 months are at highest risk for COVID-19-related hospitalization,” the report said. “During January 1 through August 26, 2023, COVID-19-related hospitalization rates for adults aged 75 years and older were two to three times higher than for the next youngest age group (adults ages 65 to 74 years). Rates in infants younger than 6 months are similar to those in adults ages 65 to 74.”

The CDC recommends that everybody 6 months and older receive the brand new COVID vaccine, which is designed to higher protect against current variants of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID.