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Intermittent fasting will help with weight reduction.

The research we're taking a look at.

Intermittent fasting—the practice of going without food or drink for set periods of time—has received much attention as a technique to reduce weight and improve health. A gaggle of researchers decided to review the evidence to see whether it is as effective as many claim.

The review authors checked out 11 reviews of 130 randomized clinical trials of intermittent fasting. Their results were published online on 17 December 2021. JAMA Network Open..

The authors found “moderate-to-high-quality” evidence that intermittent fasting helps weight reduction and weight reduction in obese adults and appears to enhance some measures of heart disease risk, equivalent to blood pressure, Lowering blood cholesterol and blood sugar. Although there are different intermittent fasting plans, two models seem to supply essentially the most advantages in the case of weight reduction. One involved modified alternate-day fasting, through which people eat normally on some days but restrict their intake to 600 calories on three to 5 days each week. The second weight loss program was the 5:2, through which people ate normally five days every week but restricted their intake to 600 calories the opposite two. Overweight and obese adults who followed one among these plans were capable of lose greater than 5 percent of their body weight.

Overall, this review shows that intermittent fasting will help people reduce weight and improve other measures of health. But researchers say more research is required to know what role intermittent fasting plays in stopping cardiovascular problems or early death.

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