"The groundwork of all happiness is health." - Leigh Hunt

Improved health: Another reason to practice yoga

How do you are feeling once you get up within the morning — refreshed and able to go, or grumpy and grumpy? One in 4 Americans sleeps lower than six hours an evening. Insufficient sleep could make you too drained to work effectively, exercise or eat healthily.

Over time, lack of sleep increases the chance of many chronic health problems, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. But emerging research shows that yoga can make it easier to go to sleep faster, sleep longer, and sleep higher—without the uncomfortable side effects of medication.

How does yoga profit sleep?

Yoga facilitates sleep by reducing stress, anxiety, and excitement—all known causes of poor sleep. A small study checked out kundalini meditation and respiration exercises. 20 individuals who had trouble sleeping practiced half-hour before bed each night. After eight weeks, the researchers found that participants slept a mean of 36 minutes longer and woke up less throughout the night. Overall, their sleep quality improved by 11 percent.

Yoga and Sleep for Seniors

Sleep problems increase as you age, but a study of adults 60 and older offers some excellent news. When scientists surveyed 35 seniors who had been practicing yoga day by day for at the least two years, they found that those that practiced yoga fell asleep 10 minutes earlier, got an additional hour of sleep, and once they He used to feel more relaxed when he woke up within the morning. , in comparison with the elderly who didn’t do yoga.

Fall asleep early

Yoga also helps with complete insomnia. Although following general advice about getting a very good night's sleep can reduce sleep problems, in a single study people fell asleep 37 percent faster after eight weeks of yoga in comparison with those that didn’t. Only consulted was 28% sleep.

Research shows that there’s a “feedback” effect – meaning the more you do yoga, the less likely you’re to experience sleep disturbances and the more restorative your sleep will likely be. Even in the event you don't have trouble falling asleep, yoga can improve the standard of your sleep.

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