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FDA approves first over-the-counter gel for erectile dysfunction

June 13, 2023 – A topical gel that may go faster than erection pills has been approved for over-the-counter use within the U.S. The gel, which may also help users achieve an erection inside 10 minutes, is already available over-the-counter in Europe.

The FDA approved the drug, called Eroxon, on Friday, noting that it's the first treatment of its kind. Eroxon is manufactured by British pharmaceutical company Futura Medical, which makes a speciality of drugs administered through the skin.

According to the product LeafletEroxon “stimulates blood flow in the penis through a unique physical cooling and then heating effect, helping you get and maintain an erection hard enough for sex.” The company said on the product page website that 65% of people that took the drug were in a position to have sex.

An organization spokesman said CNN that the worth of the product has not yet been set within the US, but it surely costs the equivalent of about $31 within the UK. Futura Medical has not announced when it would be available within the US

Harvard Health reports that 30 million people within the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction, which suggests that an individual cannot get an erection or one which is robust enough to have sexual activity. The disorder is usually related to other physical or mental health problems, resembling heart problems or blocked arteries.

According to Harvard Health, erectile dysfunction affects 1% of men of their 40s, 17% of men of their 60s, and nearly 50% of men age 75 and older.