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Do beta blockers interfere with exercise?

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I control my hypertension with hydrochlorothiazide (a diuretic) and long-acting metoprolol (a beta blocker). I feel tremendous, but my heart rate just isn't as fast because it was before I began taking Metroprol. Does this mean I'm not getting as much health advantages each time I exercise?

Oh All beta blockers slow your heart rate. A slower rate occurs at rest and while you exercise. To get essentially the most out of aerobic exercise, you generally wish to keep your heart rate within the moderate-intensity zone for not less than half-hour most days of the week. Moderate intensity means exercising at a heart rate that's 60% to 75% of your maximum.

An easy formula commonly used to estimate your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age. An alternative formula is to multiply your age times 0.7 and subtract it from 208.

According to those equations, if you happen to are 60, your advisable maximum heart rate could be calculated at 160 or 166, not much difference. But many healthy men age 60 and older have the next maximum heart rate and heart rate threshold while doing moderate aerobic exercise. For individuals who take beta blockers, using either formula probably won't help.

Instead, you need to use your respiration to gauge your effort. With moderate exercise, it is best to give you the option to speak, but with pauses to catch your breath. If you might be respiration heavily and unable to talk during exercise, your intensity is high.

Can beta blockers affect your ability to exercise? The studies which have answered your query haven't provided a definitive answer. Taking a beta blocker can reduce the performance of a competitive athlete. However, for many of us who exercise to remain healthy, the evidence leans toward diminishing advantages, even if you happen to can't meet standard heart rate goals.

Therefore, your beta blocker is not going to prevent you from getting the positive effects of exercise. You'll still construct muscle, keep your bones strong, and lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. You can even improve your cardiovascular performance and endurance.

If you've recently began a beta blocker, it's possible you'll feel less energy and even sluggish during your exercise routine. But over time, it is best to return to that very same sense of accomplishment from understanding.

When I used to be diagnosed with hypertension, I took a beta blocker. I didn't like not having my heart rate to guide my workouts. So, I switched from a distinct class of medicine to at least one that doesn't slow the guts rate. However, there could also be the explanation why your doctor specifically wants you on a beta blocker. It's an excellent query to ask at your next doctor's visit.

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