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Death rate within the USA overall back to “normal”, COVID pandemic over

July 18, 2023 – During the worst phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, 30% more Americans died every day than usual.

But now this percentage of “excess mortality” has reached its lowest point and is “no longer historically abnormal,” as The New York Times Put it down.

This measure has been essential lately since it has been difficult to find out the true impact of COVID. This statistic shows whether COVID-19 has been underdiagnosed. It also takes under consideration the increased variety of deaths related to COVID-19, comparable to automotive accidents and missed medical treatments.

TheJust quotes the Human Mortality Databasethat fewer Americans than usual have died since March, and The Economistand that CDCwhich indicate that the surplus mortality rate is lower than 1%.

“After three terrible years in which Covid has killed more than a million Americans and changed parts of daily life, the virus has become a common disease,” The times reported.

The improvement is on account of three major aspects: The times Reports:

  • About 75% of adults have received no less than one vaccination
  • About 75% had COVID and received natural immunity against future symptoms
  • Treatment options for infected people are actually widely available.

“Almost every death is preventable,” said Ashish Jha, MD, President Biden’s former top COVID-19 adviser The times“We have reached some extent where just about all individuals who have all current vaccinations and are treated for COVID rarely find yourself within the hospital and almost never die.

“Even for most – not all, but most – immunocompromised people, vaccines are actually still quite effective in preventing serious disease.”