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Dangerous Chemicals Found in Teeth Whitening Kits Purchased Online

There are UK trading standards. Recently found That 90 percent of home teeth whitening kits sent by mail could also be unsafe.

it’s Illegal in the UK Home teeth whitening kits contain greater than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, the chemical used to bleach teeth. Bleaching products that release between 0.1% and 6% hydrogen peroxide can only be provided by a dentist.

If you wish to use an at-home teeth whitening kit, it's a great idea to seek advice from your dentist first. Thus, he can advise you on the suitable strength of bleaching agent. They also can check in case your teeth are untreated, have gum disease or enamel thinning – things that could make teeth whitening a nasty option for you. They also can monitor the bleaching process to be sure nothing goes mistaken.

Teeth whitening may be performed at your dental practice, achieving similar whitening results, but in a shorter period of time. Your dental team can apply a better strength of bleaching agent chairside, they usually can manage any potential unpleasant uncomfortable side effects of teeth whitening, resembling increased sensitivity.

This amount has been present in some at-home teeth whitening kits purchased online. 300 times The secure, legal limit, reaching dangerous levels of about 30% hydrogen peroxide.

Such high amounts of hydrogen peroxide can damage the surface enamel of the teeth. It also can irritate the gums and soft tissues within the mouth. The higher the dose, the more damage it might probably cause.

If you’re going to get your teeth whitened, it’s best to get it done by your dentist.
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Very white

Over-whitened teeth usually tend to appear translucent and grey. Overly white teeth are also vulnerable to enamel erosion, which is serious and irreversible. The oxidizing effect of hydrogen peroxide may also be harmful to the soft tissues of the mouth if the bleach is overdone.

Other products have been present in some online products. Hazardous chemicalsincluding toxic or prohibited substances that may severely burn gum tissue or cause irreversible tooth damage.

A standard ingredient, sodium hexametaphosphate, present in bleach, may cause skin irritation and a slower than normal heart rate, called bradycardia.

Another ingredient, carbopol, which stabilizes and thickens the whitening formula, may cause eye swelling and increased tear production if used steadily in sensitive people, resembling those with allergies.

Buying teeth whitening products online may be easy and inexpensive. Yet with so many chemical ingredients listed on the label, it's not at all times easy to inform whether a dose of hydrogen peroxide shall be at a harmful level. This is because other chemicals, resembling carbamide peroxide and zinc peroxide, can increase the concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Apart from using very low doses of hydrogen peroxide (0.1%), as in whitening toothpaste, individuals are strongly advised to seek the advice of their dentist before purchasing a teeth whitening kit online. Consult.