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CDC stops issuing COVID vaccination cards

October 4, 2023 – The CDC has stopped issuing the small white COVID vaccination cards that were required for travel or attending large events at the peak of the pandemic and featured in countless selfies.

“The CDC is no longer distributing CDC white COVID-19 vaccination cards or maintaining vaccination records,” the CDC now says advises“Contact your state health department. Vaccination information system (IIS). Your state’s IIS cannot provide you with a vaccination certificate, but it can provide a digital or paper copy of your complete vaccination record, including your COVID-19 vaccinations.”

Some pharmacies or health facilities where the vaccines are administered may additionally have the opportunity to issue a vaccination certificate.

Major pharmacy chains like CVS, Walmart and Walgreens should not requiring the cards for people to get the updated COVID-19 vaccination, CNN reported, although most recommend bringing them if people still have them. Most pharmacies update the cards with the brand new vaccination information when people show the cardboard.

“If patients receiving the vaccine request that the dose be added to the vaccination card the patient already has, our pharmacists are happy to do so,” Walmart said in a press release to CNN.

The United States now not requires travelers entering the United States or residents getting back from international travel to point out proof of vaccination. Americans planning international travel can discover more country-specific information Travel advice published by the US Department of State.