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Can a tracker or smartphone app allow you to move more?

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Wearable activity or fitness trackers and smartphone apps are helpful for setting goals and measuring what number of steps you are taking or how long you spend exercising. But do they motivate you to be more energetic? Maybe a bit of, finds a review of randomized controlled trials published online on December 21, 2020. British Journal of Sports Medicine. Researchers reviewed 28 studies involving a complete of greater than 7,400 adults (ages 18 to 65) who used fitness trackers or apps for a mean of three months. Compared to those that didn’t use the devices, those that did increased their activity by 1,850 steps per day. Apps and trackers that included indicators and cues to remain energetic gave the impression to be probably the most effective. If your smartphone doesn't have already got a built-in basic fitness tracker that counts your steps and calories burned, you will discover an app that does. Some are free. Fancy tracking devices with all of the bells and whistles, including heart rate monitors and cellphone capability, cost as much as $1,300. But even the only ones help remind you to maneuver.

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