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Being a vegetarian might be related to genetics

Oct 5, 2023 – Vegetarians can have a genetic basis for sticking around, based on a brand new study.

Researchers have discovered a variety of genes linked to individuals who followed a vegetarian weight-reduction plan for at the least a yr.

The results were published this week within the journal PLUS ONE.

“The take-home message is that a vegetarian diet may or may not be right for you depending on your genetic makeup,” said Nabeel Yaseen, lead creator of the study and professor emeritus of pathology at Northwestern University NBC News. “You don’t have to blame yourself if you can’t really stick with it.”

Researchers studied the genetics of hundreds of people that shared medical and lifestyle information with the UK Biobank, which accommodates data from about 500,000 people.

They analyzed about 5,300 vegetarians and about 329,000 meat eaters. Vegetarians were defined as individuals who abstained from consuming animal meat or animal products for at the least one yr, based on questionnaires accomplished for the biobank.

Researchers identified three genes which might be strongly linked to vegetarianism. All are situated on a chromosome that’s involved in brain function and the breakdown of fats for energy.

Another 31 genes were linked to vegetarianism and a few also played a task in fat burning.

“We hypothesize that a person's ability to eat a vegetarian diet may have something to do with how they handle fats in their body and how this affects brain function,” Yaseen said.

He said the research only shows a genetic connection and never a direct causal effect.