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Artificial light at night could cause weight gain.

The research we're taking a look at.

According to a study published online June 10, if you happen to leave the lights on or the tv on when you sleep, it could actually affect your back. JAMA Internal Medicine. The study found a link between exposure to artificial light during sleep and weight gain in women.

The research team checked out questionnaires accomplished by greater than 40,000 women, which asked, amongst other things, whether women slept with the lights on nearby or in the identical room. The researchers also recorded the ladies's height, body mass index (a measure of weight in relation to height), and waist size after they entered the study and again five years later. They found that girls who slept in rooms with lights or televisions on were 17 percent more prone to gain 11 kilos or more throughout the study. When the ladies used a small night light or placed a lightweight outside the room that shone inside, they didn’t get this effect. It's not clear why exposure to artificial light was related to weight gain, but researchers hypothesized that it might affect sleep quality.

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