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According to the US, only 7% of adults have received a brand new COVID vaccination

Oct. 27, 2023 — Only 7.1% of adults and a pair of.1% of kids within the United States have received the new edition of the COVID-19 vaccine because it was approved in mid-September, a CDC committee said Thursday.

The numbers come from a survey of about 14,000 Americans conducted Oct. 8-14, based on a Powerpoint presentation Of the meeting.

Adults usually tend to get vaccinated in the event that they are older, insured and have higher incomes, the presentation said. According to the survey, 24.6% of adults surveyed said they might definitely get vaccinated and 37.6% said they probably or definitely wouldn’t get vaccinated.

About 1 / 4 of kids have a parent who said they are going to definitely have their child vaccinated, while two in five children have a parent who said they probably or definitely won’t have their child vaccinated, based on the presentation showed. (Vaccination is really helpful for all children over 6 months of age.)

Medical experts were dismayed by the low number of individuals vaccinated. Camille Kotton, MD, of Harvard Medical School, called the numbers “miserable” and said patient confusion could possibly be an element. Associated Press reported. She called for improved public education campaigns.

The latest vaccine is designed to focus on currently circulating variants of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID. The vaccine replaces bivalent Visions that targeted the unique COVID strain and former versions of Omicron.

The FDA said The latest vaccine is “formulated to more specifically target currently circulating variants and provide greater protection against serious outcomes of COVID-19, including hospitalizations and deaths.”