What Does Toner Do For Skin? Understand Pros And Cons of Skin Toners

What Are Skin Toners?

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Out of dozens of skincare products, toner is a basic and very easy to use the product. Toners have liquid-like consistency and are usually applied after a daily face wash. According to Loreal (a toner manufacture company), toners are also applied to face before using any moisturizer but what exactly makes a toner that useful for skincare? Let’s explore!

What Does Toner Do For Skin?

In very simple words, toner is a skin rescue product that protects the skin from dust, skin harming chemicals present in our surroundings, and unwanted skin oil. It does not stop here because a toner also removes remains of facial cream that is left behind after a perfect face wash. Basic ingredients of toner are meant to hydrate the skin. You can call it watering of your beautiful skin with a mineral-rich toner. Different companies adopt different formulas to develop their personalized skin toner. The final benefit that toner can have depends on its composition. For example, some toners are only meant to clean dust and other unwanted material off your skin while some can even result in sunshine face glow. Toners leave skin with a soft and refreshed impact. As mentioned earlier, a toner is a very basic component of makeup or skincare products.

Does Skin Toner Leave Skin Dry?

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Older skin toner formulas were based on alcohol use and alcohol leaves skin dried. Over time, different companies tried different formulas and fortunately, now we have skin toners without alcohol which results in fresh skin tone instead of having dehydrated or dried skin.

Do We Need Toners?

Toners come with almost zero side effects. You can enjoy having hydrated and perfectly glowing skin if used right toner for your skin. We are living in a modern world full of industries, fewer trees, dust, and all these factors impact directly on the skin. To make sure having perfect skin, toner should be your go. Our skins will easily be torn off and dry without toners. There is a very important thing that should be considered before you choose your toner. Different skins can have different problems that open up a chapter of having a different formula for different skin types. Understanding your skin requirements can be tricky sometimes but consulting a skin specialist can easily resolve this problem.

Can You Use A Toner On Daily Basis?

Skin toners are meant to hydrate your skin. They clean the dust off your skin and we often come in contact with dust and some because of our daily lifestyle. You can use a toner daily along with your skin moisturizer. NCBI does not recommend using toner that is formulated based on alcohol as they dehydrate the skin.

A very common example of a skin toner is rose water. Rosewater acts pretty similar to a skin toner and the only difference is the organic behavior of rose water.

Best Skin Care Routine for Oily Sky

Oily skin has many challenges to take care of like acne or shinny skin complex. Oily skin has large visible pores and pimples. Skin becomes shinier at the mid of the day. Our body naturally produces oil called sebum. The more sebum our skin produces, the bigger the oil gland gets, increasing the size of our pores.

Oily skin can be hereditary, but no doubt, it can be the result of hormones changes in your body like periods, pregnancy, fatty eating, UV-rays, environmental pollution, and other lifestyle choices. Here we will discuss the best skin care routine for oily skin. You can use these steps morning and evening for clean, healthy, pore-free, and shine-free complexion.

Cleansing of skin:

Having oily skin will tolerate more cleansing. Cleansing day and night is essential for oily skin. People have oily skin; they know that their skin is busy shedding and producing oils day and night. That is why start and end your day with cleansing. Start the morning with a gel or foam cleanser (cleanser that does not have larger particles). A gel cleanser is best for oily skin, and it helps to remove excess oil without stripping and dehydrating the skin. Use a cleaner and facewash which has the salicylic acid in it. It helps to clean oil and dead skin from the pores of the skin.

Apply toner:

Once your skin is clean from all dirt and oil, then apply toner. Toner helps to maintain the PH of the skin, which controls oil production. Toner will tighten your pores and remove the impurities from the skin. Try to ease your skin by using a toner that comforts the oily skin like aloe Vera, ginseng, or hyaluronic acid—rebalancing your skin naturally by herbal extracts, leaving skin feeling toned and clean.

Apply moisturizer:

Moisturizer is essential for all skin types. People with oily skin do not apply moisturizer because they think it will make their skin greasy. Oily skin needs to use a moisturizer like a gel moisturizer with water-like texture and lightweight because it contains a lower amount of oil and emulsifier. Every oily skin is different, so a little testing is recommended. Try different moisturizers, which makes your skin more comfortable then choose that moisturizer.

Apply sunscreen:       

When you are going outdoor, it is essential for your skin protection needs to wear sunscreen at least SPF30. Try to wear a daily moisturizer with your sunscreen so your skin will protect with UV-rays, and oil production will be less. Use sunblock that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Keep in mind the sunscreen is the final step in your skin care routine even in summers before applying makeup or primer. 😉


Start managing your oily skin routine for healthy and clear skin. Make a habit of washing face after exercise, and in A.M and P.M., these are daily easy routine for cleansing, toning, moisturizing the skin both in morning and night. Washing your face after exercising reduces your skin oiliness and helps keep your skin clear and healthy. Stay healthy, stay happy 😊

How to Tighten Your Stomach after Having a Baby

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Having a baby takes a toll on any woman’s body, and the path towards recovery can be a long one. But it is always worth it! Some of the most common things that come with childbirth are loose skin and muscles that have been stretched to its maximum during the past nine months. Instead of surgery, such as a tummy-tuck, i.e., plastic surgery, there are far more cost-effective and healthier alternatives:


Switch to a different dietary plan that will ensure that you get back into good health as well as tone out your body back into its pre-pregnancy state. You can do this by adding fresh and least to no processed natural products. Some food recommended includes fresh berries such as blueberries, strawberries, honey, as well as olive or almond oil. Other foods include healthy protein options like salmon and tuna, as well as vegetables high in water content such as cucumbers and celery. You can also add something new to your morning shakes like walnuts, peanuts, cashew, brown sugar, and cinnamon. This change in your diet will help your skin to exponentially speed up the re-hydration process.


The best way is not always the fast way. So while you are changing up your diet, take some time every morning to ensure that you lose the flab slowly but surely. This way, the loose skin will go away and stay away for good. Include cardio exercises and also stretches that engage your core muscles. You can decide to sign up for yoga and Pilates classes too!

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One way that many new mothers do not think of as their body’s natural remedy to shed all the baby weight is breastfeeding more. When a mother breastfeeds her baby, it actively engages her body to transform her body’s fat content to produce more milk. This is a natural instinct of a female’s body after giving birth to ensure that her offspring gains as many nutrients as possible, especially in the duration of the next six or so months.  


Lastly, the skin has to be taken care of from the outside as well. Take a warm, exfoliating bath once every three days or whenever possible and make sure that you apply an appropriate amount of cream afterward. You can also try medically prescribed skin creams to get rid of stretch marks.