What Diet is Best for You?

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I hate dieting, but as we get older, our body’s metabolism slows down, and for some of us, that means added pounds and unwanted fat. I have no illusions of being the skinny 20-year old I once was; however, I do realize that shedding some pounds is a healthy choice for me. Along with exercising when you can, below find information on some of the popular diet programs out there. (And a lot these programs have specials for the new year.)

Weight Watchers

I have always liked Weight-watchers because they are not telling you what to eat, but how to eat. It is all about portion control. Eating a brownie for lunch is not exactly a healthy meal, however, if you choose that to be your lunch, you may – with consequences. Weight Watcher’s works with points, and brownies equal quite a few, therefore, you may have blown almost all of your point for that day with that one brownie. Healthy eating and exercise are stressed as well. You can go to meetings or do it on your own at home, online, in private.

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I have some friends who love this because they think less about the food they eat since the company provides the meals. It is similar to Weight-Watchers in that some of the meals are desserts or foods you would not necessarily think of as diet food. The meals taste pretty good and they have a very nice variety. They have different plans, such as a diet if you are diabetic, a vegetarian, elderly, or other common situations. Meals can be pricey. Exercise is also important.


This website is for those looking for ideas about dieting. They call it “personality type dieting” because we all have different personalities not all diets work for personalities. Some of us are more compulsive than others. They have a survey you can take to see what diet program fits your personality.

Jenny Craig

I had one friend who did this program and loved it. She loved all the personal help she got with Jenny-Craig consultants. Like some of the other weight plans, you can do it privately or find a local center in your area. Like Nutrisystem, they provide you the meals – 3 times a day and one snack a day. Their philosophy regards the food, body and mind – and when you start they will focus on that. This is a great diet for those who need that support all the time. They also stress exercise.


I had never heard of this diet, but a friend mentioned it to me because it had been listed in a health magazine as one of the top ten diets (chosen by users) of 2018. Supported by many physicians, this diet is for men or women and has prepared meals packages as well as health info for sleeplessness, your heart, burning calories, and more.