Five Outdoor Activities to Spice Up Your Summer

Spring is here, the sun is shining and it is time to figure out some fun things you can do outdoors. It is always important to try new activities and expose yourself to different parts of our environment. Here is a list of great ideas that will make your summer interesting and exciting.

white water rafting

White Water Rafting- For the adventurous of heart pitting yourself against nature as you paddle down the river is a fantastic thrill. One of the great things about rafting is that there are many levels from tame float trips for families with younger children to aggressive level 5 trips for confident fit adults. Rafting is one of the most exciting ways to get wet and experience the outdoors. There are so many great choices all across the country including the American River, Pigeon River, Ocoee River and the Colorado River to name just a few. Day trips start at around $100 so it does not have to drain the pocketbook.

Diving– For the outdoor enthusiast there is a whole world to be explored underwater. PADI dive courses start at around $300 to get certified and that usually includes your dives and often some gear. Once you are certified the world is truly your oyster. Diving enables you to add a dimension to weekend trips or vacations that were never available before. Not to mention diving is a super way to meet fun like-minded people who enjoy traveling and the outdoors as well.


Canyoneering– There are some places in our country that simply take your breath away. Utah is home to many of them, Zion national park is one of the best. Zion is a grand and impressive place, with huge sweeping walls of beautiful sandstone, deep canyons running with water, and the highest concentration of canyoneering adventures found in the USA. Unusual for Utah, Zion has an abundance of water. Many canyons are best done when it is scorching hot out, and several require full wetsuits year-round. The steeper and narrower the canyon, the more swimming is likely to be involved. Contact a guide if it is your first time out.

Mountain bike trip– Trail riding is always a fun activity for novices and experts alike. What about combining your passion for the outdoors, love for travel and enjoyment of mountain biking all in one weekend? Many top ski resorts turn into destinations for mountain bikers in the summer months. Mammoth Mountain in California for example features over 100 miles of trails and descents of up to 3,000 vertical feet. Run a search online for mountain bike parks and you will soon be on your way.

mountain biking

ATV Adventure– Let’s face it not all of us resemble Lance Armstrong but that does not mean we don’t enjoy the great outdoors. Our country has 100,000’s of acres of interesting areas to visit, explore, and interact with. So, whether you are super fit or just super interested in having fun this could be your ticket to ride. You don’t even have to own your own ATV, you can hook up with guides in your area of interest that will provide you with the equipment, guides and best of all fulfill your need for speed.

Whatever you decide on make sure that you make the most of the warm weather. It is always gone before you know it.