Struggling to Get Bigger Legs?

Are you ready to get bigger legs? I know the solution to getting bigger legs. Let me help you out a little. You might hate this like I did when I first heard it, but you must do Squats. I’ve always hated doing squats because I was scared to hurt my lower back. One wrong tweak of the back and I could be down for the week. But I have the secret now…


Start with Light Weights!

It doesn’t matter if all you can squat is the bar with a 25lb plate on each side to get the correct form. Don’t be self conscious when lifting weights. More than likely people won’t even pay attention to what you are doing so don’t be scared to have light weights on. Focus on yourself, no one else. Do as many as you can until you are really struggling to get back up. Try to get to 20 reps using the lighter weights.

You need to go down as far as possible and pause at the bottom for a second or two and then finish the rep. I started with 25lb plate on each side and got my form down perfectly. Now up to a 45 plate on each side. It’s all about doing squats the RIGHT WAY!

One thing I wanted to point out as well is that this is a 100% natural movement for our bodies. When you go pick something up off the floor, what do you do? Squat down in order to pick it up. Just like picking up a baby or child. We squat down to pick them up. So we must continue to do squats when we are doing leg day to get bigger legs.

Watch the 2 videos below and it will bring your leg workout to a whole new level you want to be at! You will also start to enjoy going to the gym to do leg day.