Cool Fun for a Hot Day: Wet Games to Play When the Temperature is High

In July and August, the temperatures can be very warm. Keeping cool becomes a task everyone wants to be successful at. Water filled games are a great way to keep cool on a hot day.

boy jumping in sprinkler

Sprinkler Move Freeze

This is a game based on the game move freeze. In Move Freeze, when the music is playing everyone is dancing around having a great time. When the music stops, everyone freezes until the music starts again. This variation involves dancing around a turned off sprinkler. When the music stops and everyone freezes, the sprinkler is turned on and everyone freezes quite literally until the music plays again.

Badminton with Water Balloons

For this game a badminton or volleyball net is needed. The players should be divided into two teams. Each team gets a sheet on their side of the net. The object is to use the sheet to toss the water balloon across the net. The other team tries to catch the water balloon in their sheet and toss it back. The winner can be declared after ten good catches and tosses or after 10 great breaks of the balloon.

girl water balloons

Toss Across with Water Balloons

This game requires pairs of people and water balloons. The players start facing each other about one foot apart. The toss the balloon back and forth. After three tosses, each partner takes one step backward. If more than one team is playing make sure everyone takes the same size steps backward. Players continue tossing the water balloons back and forth until the balloons are broken. The winners are declared to be the team that can toss from the furthest apart.

Sponge Tag

Everyone has played a variation of tag. This variation adds an element of wet fun to the game. One player is selected to be it. It is given a big soft sponge. The sponges used to wash cars work well for this game. It soaks the sponge in water. The game then begins with It trying to hit the other players with the thrown sponge. Hit players can be spotted very easily by the water dripping off the spot they were hit in. The player hit becomes the new It, and the game starts again.

Cold Potato

Everyone has played hot potato at one time or another in their life. This version of the game is fun and cooling at the same time. The only material required for this game is a filled water balloon. All the players should stand in a circle. A hole is poked in the balloon so water can begin to leak out. Players pass the balloon around the circle trying to avoid being the one left holding it when the water runs totally out.

Whether playing cold potato, sponge tag or one of the other games in this article, a cool time will be had by all.