Reading I Know My Grandma Loves Me Book to BK

i know my grandma loves me

My wife’s Mom got BK a book called “I Know My Grandma Loves Me” for Christmas. I read it to her a few times a week. Yesterday she sat on my lap and let me read it to her 4 times! The pages have different texture to them that she enjoys touching. Must be a sensory thing.

I finally found a book she absolutely loves!

We read to her every day like we need to. Most of the time I read a book or two before she has her bottle and my wife reads to her before bedtime. It works out very well for us. Hopefully this is helping BK’s brain develop!

You can get the book on Amazon’s website by clicking here

Stay at Home Dad Life

I am a stay at home dad, and I also try to find time to do some work. I like to call myself a Working Stay at Home Dad. I do marketing online which is pretty fun, but also stressful at times when things aren’t going right.

girls playing outside

My wife is a preschool teacher and loves teaching young kids. She is amazing with children and is an amazing mom!

When she gets home from teaching, I try to find time to workout. I try to get to the gym 3 times during the week and I always get there on Saturdays and Sundays. Usually while BK  (our daughter, will just use that as her name) is sleeping.

putting weights on barbell

Our daughter is 7 months old now and is pretty fun! Except when she doesn’t get her naps in. She can be a handful.

The first 2 weeks of BK’s life were pretty easy. Eat, Sleep, Poop, Poop some more…eat, sleep, and so on. The 6 weeks after that were probably the hardest 6 weeks of my life! Lack of sleep and no time to get any work done was ROUGH.

On top of that, I was asking our friends and family all kinds of questions about what to do if this or that happens. It seemed to be never-ending. But finally after about 2-3 months she got on a normal schedule. What a relief!!!

She is now eating anything we put in front of her! She is rolling over front-to-back and back-to-front. Not yet crawling, but standing very well with help. Can’t wait to see what milestone she hits next!