Is Going to Bed Late/Not Sleeping Well Causing Me to Gain Weight?

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Everyone needs a good night’s rest after a long day at work, school, or just from any of your daily routines. Losing sleep can be a bad thing for many reasons, and weight gain is one of them. Science shows that the average adult needs around seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep to be able to function as normal as possible. Any drop in the number of hours can lead to a list of problems that go from short term to long term damage to your body. Here is a list of things that specifically deal with why losing sleep or not sleeping well can lead to you gaining on more weight:

Your Hormones Are Going Crazy

When your body is at rest when you are sleeping, it is not only a sign that you have switched off for the night. As a matter of fact, there are a number of things that happen when you are unconscious. One major thing is that your body releases and reduces particular hormones as you sleep in order to keep your body in balance for another day’s labor. Not getting enough sleep or none at all can lead this process to go haywire, making you feel stressed and dizzy the next morning.

You Might Grab Another Bite to Eat

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Many studies have proven that the longer you stay up, the more you are likely to put on more weight as you are likely to reach for a quick bite to eat. For example, if you have to stay up late to finish an assignment, or are having problems falling asleep, you are most likely to head down to the kitchen for a midnight snack. 

In addition, eating late meals or snacks late at night can keep you up for longer as your body’s biological clock is set back and will leave your whole body disoriented. 

You Are Stressing Out Your Body 

Your body naturally slows down at night in anticipation to rest and recuperate after an entire day of work and play. When you take in food or extra work at night, you are driving your body to work harder and longer than it usually does. For pulling an all-nighter, you need at least a week to recover the number of hours of rest you lost in one night. That is how essential sleep is for the human body to function.  

Should I Work Out If I Have a Cold or Flu?

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Working out is what many people do not only to shed the calories but to keep their immune systems up and running. It is nothing new to science and health that exercise ensures that the body stays in a state of peak performance. It boosts the immune system and gets the blood rushing to places it needs to go. Regular exercise that comprises of a combination of yoga and stretches as well as other work out options that are slow-paced can even lessen the risk of and frequency of falling ill. But what happens when you come down with the common cold or the flu? Here are things that can happen if you work out on a cold or flu:

Sick Body, Tired Body 

When you have a case of the common cold or the seasonal flu, your body has to work overtime to keep you running around. You are most likely to feel groggy and light-headed, just doing the smallest of tasks. In addition to your day-to-day activities, if you want to make sure that you get to work out, make sure that you take it slow and even switch to a low-intensity workout for the duration of the illness.

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Increased Heart Rate

If you try to work out like you normally do while you are ill, you will find yourself short of breath faster and for longer. You might get into a dizzy spell, during which you might want to sit down and sleep for the rest of the day after a hot shower. This happens because your heart is pressed to pump more blood faster and raise your body’s temperature to fight off whatever infection it is fighting inside. So, working out plus this, plus medication, will cause you to feel pain and tightness in your chest, meaning your heart is wearing out. So lay down before you burst an artery.

Pre-existing Condition Equals a Double Blow

If you already have a weak heart or prone to breathing problems such as asthma, you should probably not work out while having a cold or the flu as it will lead to immediate consequences such as wheezing, coughing, and an inability to catch your breath. So if you are someone who has chronic breathing and heart conditions, we strongly advise you to skip working out altogether for a while.    

Gym Etiquette Tips for Gym Goers

Use proper gym etiquette to keep the gym clean and keep a healthy environment.  Here are some of the things I have noticed that people do at the gym that they shouldn’t while working out.

Don’t Go to the Gym While Being Sick

sneeze-1431371-638x477People coming to the gym that have the flu or even just an awful cold should stay at home. This is the best way to get others sick and we don’t want that. It is an enclosed space so nothing gets in or out for the most part. Everyone uses the equipment so there is a very good chance you could get someone else sick. The best thing to do is take a few days off from going to the gym. Get yourself healthy again to work out at your full potential. A few days away from the gym won’t hurt you in any way.

Don’t Just Sit Around

gym etiquetteYou shouldn’t be sitting on a machine or around machines and texting friends. The problem is there are a limited number of machines and you’re taking up more time than you should. If you are using your phone to listen to music that’s fine, other than that leave it in the locker room or cubby while you are working out.

Another frustrating thing for gym goers is using free weights and moving them to another area to work out, and not putting them back. Having to look all over the gym for the weight you need is very frustrating. It also ties up more time at the space that others could be using as well.

Working out close to the dumbbell racks makes it very difficult for others to get the weights they need. Leave enough room in the area of the dumbbell racks so others can get what they need.

Avoid putting your stuff on the benches such as drink bottles or phones while not using them. Try to prevent stuff like this so others may use the equipment for its intended purposes. Some people are shy so they may not ask if you are using the equipment.

Everyone sweats and some more than others, please use proper gym etiquette and use a towel to wipe down the bench. Use a towel with a disinfectant spray that the gym provides you with or towelette. Anytime Fitness provides you with these tools. You don’t want to spread any possible diseases to harm other people.

Do not walk on mats with your shoes and get them dirty. The mats are intended to be used while lying down and no one wants dirt all over them.

Remove Weights After You are Done

dumbbells rackAlways remove the plates on the machines you have used, and especially the heavier plates. This can be too much for the next person to remove all the weights and they might not even be strong enough to remove them.

There are a lot more etiquette mistakes that people don’t abide by. These are the most important ones I could think of that will help out. Some gyms will give infractions for not following proper gym etiquette, but that is mostly long gone. Gyms need to increase their membership count so they don’t do infractions anymore.