Should I go to the Gym While Sleep Deprived?

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Exercising at the gym or any form of exercise for that matter is a part of a routine for many people. While losing sleep or having insomnia can be a struggle for as many people, there is a link between going to the gym and sleep deprivation that you should be aware of:

What Happens to Your Body

Sticking to your usual exercise routine at the gym is important for sure. Skipping a day or two can lead to physical setbacks as your body becomes used to need the stretches and lunges to keep the entire body up and running smoothly. But when you are running on a low sleep tank, it can lead to some repercussions that might be even worse.

If you have missed a couple of hours of extra sleep that you are used to, there are no long-term negative effects if you hit the gym afterward. As long as you have had at least six hours of regular night sleep and do not feel dizzy or light-headed the morning after, you can go on as usual. But just to be on the safe side, you can reduce the amount of energy you would normally need to exert in your regular gym session. You can do this by sticking to slow running or cycling and cardio workouts. Stay away from any of the heavy lifting, and make sure that you do exercise for no longer than half an hour at a stretch for a maximum of two hours. 

When you lose sleep, your body chemicals become imbalanced. It can be corrected by making sure that you are extra careful in making sure that you stay hydrated during the gym sessions. Take in a lot of water and stay away from energy drinks and high sugar intake as it can do further damage to your body’s natural sleeping pattern.   

In the case that you lose an entire night’s worth of sleep, it is best that you skip the gym session for the day and stay home. This is because you run the risk of injuring yourself physically as well as mentally, as your body is strained from lack of rest, and your stress levels are high up.

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Try to Get More Sleep You can use your gym sessions to help you get more sleep if you time it right. Make sure that you do not exercise just before you sleep as it can make you more awake than drowsy. Make sure that you take it slow the next day if you really want to hit the gym. Pace yourself and then afterward lead your body into natural tiredness and then sleep.

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight Without Gaining it all Back

lose weight motivation

Every one of us has a weight goal we want to achieve. But what comes before actually getting into it is getting into the mood to do it. This can come as a harder task than the actual exercise itself. First off, get rid of the mind-set that exercise has to be painful, fast, and strenuous for any positive results to surface. Real exercise that is healthy and will help you lose weight for longer is slow and requires a daily, progressive routine. Here some ways that will help you get into the mood to move and for the better:

Being Realistic

Keep in mind, before beginning a brand new weight-loss regiment, keep your expectations in check. Shedding those pounds is no simple thing to do, so keep an open mind on when and what kind of results you want to start seeing along the way. This way, you can make sure that you do not get disappointed in yourself and start to stray away from why you started in the first place. Keeping a diary and making weekly or even daily updates on what you have done so far can boost your self-confidence and motivate you to keep yourself going for longer.

food lifestyle change

Easy Lifestyle Changes  

Banish the thought that losing weight has to do with drastic and complicated changes to your daily routine and lifestyle. Start with waking up half an hour earlier to make time for exercise, substitute your regular coffee and bagel for a healthier alternative, or slowly reduce the portions of the food you take in at each meal. Even adding a little fruit and vegetable on the side and fewer carbohydrates can make a lot of difference. 

Get Company

Nothing beats positive re-enforcement when you are on a path to something great – weight loss is one of them. Make sure that you surround yourself with friends and family, anyone who will support and encourage your new steps in the right direction towards weight loss. You can either encourage another friend to get onto the same weight loss journey or join a gym or class of people doing the same thing.

Jazz it Up!

It can be a fun thing to lose weight as well, and you can do this by simply adding music to your day. Make a playlist of your favorite songs with upbeat tunes that you can tap to when you are working out. This way, you mentally align your thoughts about weight loss into something positive and happy!   

P90X Review – Is P90X The Best Way To Transform Your Body?

Right now, there are a lot of different supplements and related products on the market that apparently can help you transform your body in just a few weeks. Are all of them effective? Probably not. However, one alternative looks completely different and promising- The P90X Ultimate is a 90days package that will actually help you completely change your body. Our review shows why it is so special.

What is the P90X Ultimate?

P90X Ultimate is a premium package that includes 2 standard packages. In essence, you get a complete guide for the 90 days, which is made of weight loss plans, proper exercising, detailed instructions and useful videos. There is also a calendar which helps you monitor your workout. This is also the main reason why this solution is so special and so beneficial.

p90x before and after

Most products and plans of this kind include just part of what you actually need to transform your body. Some include exercising plans, some proper diets, but there are no plans that involve both of these aspects. Even better, the P90X Ultimate includes additional exercising equipment, so you can perform all the exercise in the comfort of your home.

The plan was created by Tony Horton , a well-known trainer, who already helped thousands of people to lose weight and gain muscles. He claims that the plan had to be divided into two parts. Exercising and diet. Only then, it will be successful.

Workout plan

The main reason why this plan is so helpful is the exercises. In most plans, you get a few of them, but in this one, there are 12 different exercises. You will transform your back, legs, core, chest, biceps and etc. There are also stretching exercises and those designed to relax you. In addition, the plan includes and involves yoga and even martial arts.

Thanks to 12 different exercises, you will literally learn how to get the most from your workout. All you need is one hour a day, a set of dumbbells and space (6×6 feet). This is a 90 day plan, so it is important to maintain the schedule and to follow the guidelines.

In simple words, with these exercises you will burn more calories than ever, you will improve your stamina and you will develop your muscles. All that you need in order to transform your body.

Diet plan

There are three different parts of a diet plan. The first one known as Shredder is developed in order to increase the level of protein you intake every day. This is beneficial, simply because it will help you burn more fat, while making your muscles stronger. During this part, you will notice a significant weight loss.

The second part is known as Energy Booster during which you will increase the levels of carbohydrates and protein while reducing the fat intake. The importance of this part is a higher level of energy you will get. This allows you to exercise harder, increase your muscles even more and burn even more fat.

The third plan is called Endurance Maximizer. During it, you will get higher amounts of carbohydrates and lean proteins. The role is to build up your stamina, so this is the same diet professional athletes use. Same as during the previous part, you will burn more calories and be able to exercise for a longer period of time.

Useful additions you will also get

In this package, you also get post-workout supplement which will boost the energy levels. Three wristbands are also included. However, a more important part is the instructional videos. Most average people don’t know how to exercise, or when they do, they perform each exercise wrong. This is the best recipe for injuries.

All videos included are simple to follow and they are easy to implement. After just one watching you will be able to perform all exercises as a professional.

What can you expect?

The most important evidence, why this plan is so safe and so beneficial are testimonials of people who already tried it. There are more than 3000 people who used and still use this plan, and all of them highly rated the plan (4.8/5 stars).

In essence, you can expect a weight loss of 40 pounds in 90 days. At the same time, your muscles will appear below the fat and skin, so you will also look better. Still, the most important part is the safety. With this plan, there are no drawbacks nor health issues.

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Staying Active in Your Later Years Can Save Your Life

runners outsidePeople in their 70’s to 80’s that exercise for a minimum of 25 minutes each day, take less medications than people who don’t exercise for 25 minutes each day. This is a great way to save some money as well instead of spending it on prescription medications.

A study completed by the University of Bristol was done on 213 people with the average age of 78 years old. The people that exercised for less than 25 minutes took 50 percent more medications over the course of the next 4 to 5 years.

Increase Metabolism and Blood Flow

The reason for this is doing exercises increases the rate of the metabolism and creates better blood circulation. This reduces the danger of diseases that are common with older aged people. Some dangers include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes.

There were other factors that were taken into account while looking at the results of the study. Some were education, weight, economic status, and physical function.

Over the next four years, health service records were investigated as well. Some records included primary care, prescriptions needed, and secondary services.

Professor Ken Fox and Dr Bethan Simmonds co-authored this research. They are both from the Centre for Exercise at Bristol University in Nutrition and Health Sciences.

Prevent Diseases

In order for, they must be examined to see what type of exercises they should be targeting. This includes strength, coordination, balance, and aerobic fitness. This will help prevent diseases and possible falls in the future.

It is never too late to start exercising. Light walking is a great way to start and gradually go faster and possibly up to even jogging. No matter what age you are or your physical condition, there are ways to exercise.

Becoming older should not be an excuse to not exercise anymore. Doing physical activities can save your life from diseases. It will reduce the cost of medications due to the fact you will be healthier at an older age. This is a big cost savings for your retirement.

Spa Treatments Help Create a Healthier Body and Lifestyle

spa treatmentsIf you want to get rid of some stress, Spa treatments are a great way to do that. Also, it can boost self-esteem and keep you healthy. There are a lot of different treatments that spas everywhere have. Detoxifying process, exercise classes, and healthy massages are just a few things provided by spas around the world. I have some great tips for the beginner spa-goer.


Massages are by far the most frequent treatment that is offered at all spa locations. There are many different variations of massages. Some are how intense you want your massage, the length of the massage and also the style of massage you would like. The best part about massage therapists is that they can get to the exact areas that are tenser and also give you advice on preventing this from happening again. For the people with a strenuous job or especially for athletes, massages are very beneficial.

Health Benefits

There are some health benefits to having a massage regularly. It gets the blood flowing and also keeps blood pressure regulated. Massages can actually reduce the danger of becoming ill. It stimulates the lymphatic system because of the increase in blood flow. Massages also help people with arthritis and nerve disorders. Trained massage therapists know how to help relieve the pain without any use of medications.

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Mind and Body

Massages help keep the mind and body in great condition. They are very soothing and help reduce stress and allows relaxation, which also helps with keeping a regular sleep pattern. Therapeutic massages are very good for this along with facials and other skin treatments will help you feel and look younger. There are certain polishes for your body that exfoliate skin and promote cell regeneration. They give your skin a tight uniform look.

Health Clubs

Another great benefit to health clubs with spas is treatments that detoxify the body. They have spa treatments which remove fluids and toxins. Removing the unwanted fluids and toxins will provide instant revitalization of the body. They will provide nourishment to the correct areas of the body. Some health clubs and spas provide rapid ways of removing these toxins as well, including colon cleansing and juice fasting. If a spa or health club has a nutritionist on duty, they can also teach you some benefits on improving your diet and create a healthier lifestyle.

There are some specialized health clinics as well. They offer Pilates and also Yoga. Both of these exercises and improve flexibility and also strengthen the body. Pilates and Yoga also improve blood flow and joint health.