Struggling to Get Bigger Legs?

Are you ready to get bigger legs? I know the solution to getting bigger legs. Let me help you out a little. You might hate this like I did when I first heard it, but you must do Squats. I’ve always hated doing squats because I was scared to hurt my lower back. One wrong tweak of the back and I could be down for the week. But I have the secret now…


Start with Light Weights!

It doesn’t matter if all you can squat is the bar with a 25lb plate on each side to get the correct form. Don’t be self conscious when lifting weights. More than likely people won’t even pay attention to what you are doing so don’t be scared to have light weights on. Focus on yourself, no one else. Do as many as you can until you are really struggling to get back up. Try to get to 20 reps using the lighter weights.

You need to go down as far as possible and pause at the bottom for a second or two and then finish the rep. I started with 25lb plate on each side and got my form down perfectly. Now up to a 45 plate on each side. It’s all about doing squats the RIGHT WAY!

One thing I wanted to point out as well is that this is a 100% natural movement for our bodies. When you go pick something up off the floor, what do you do? Squat down in order to pick it up. Just like picking up a baby or child. We squat down to pick them up. So we must continue to do squats when we are doing leg day to get bigger legs.

Watch the 2 videos below and it will bring your leg workout to a whole new level you want to be at! You will also start to enjoy going to the gym to do leg day.

P90X Review – Is P90X The Best Way To Transform Your Body?

Right now, there are a lot of different supplements and related products on the market that apparently can help you transform your body in just a few weeks. Are all of them effective? Probably not. However, one alternative looks completely different and promising- The P90X Ultimate is a 90days package that will actually help you completely change your body. Our review shows why it is so special.

What is the P90X Ultimate?

P90X Ultimate is a premium package that includes 2 standard packages. In essence, you get a complete guide for the 90 days, which is made of weight loss plans, proper exercising, detailed instructions and useful videos. There is also a calendar which helps you monitor your workout. This is also the main reason why this solution is so special and so beneficial.

p90x before and after

Most products and plans of this kind include just part of what you actually need to transform your body. Some include exercising plans, some proper diets, but there are no plans that involve both of these aspects. Even better, the P90X Ultimate includes additional exercising equipment, so you can perform all the exercise in the comfort of your home.

The plan was created by Tony Horton , a well-known trainer, who already helped thousands of people to lose weight and gain muscles. He claims that the plan had to be divided into two parts. Exercising and diet. Only then, it will be successful.

Workout plan

The main reason why this plan is so helpful is the exercises. In most plans, you get a few of them, but in this one, there are 12 different exercises. You will transform your back, legs, core, chest, biceps and etc. There are also stretching exercises and those designed to relax you. In addition, the plan includes and involves yoga and even martial arts.

Thanks to 12 different exercises, you will literally learn how to get the most from your workout. All you need is one hour a day, a set of dumbbells and space (6×6 feet). This is a 90 day plan, so it is important to maintain the schedule and to follow the guidelines.

In simple words, with these exercises you will burn more calories than ever, you will improve your stamina and you will develop your muscles. All that you need in order to transform your body.

Diet plan

There are three different parts of a diet plan. The first one known as Shredder is developed in order to increase the level of protein you intake every day. This is beneficial, simply because it will help you burn more fat, while making your muscles stronger. During this part, you will notice a significant weight loss.

The second part is known as Energy Booster during which you will increase the levels of carbohydrates and protein while reducing the fat intake. The importance of this part is a higher level of energy you will get. This allows you to exercise harder, increase your muscles even more and burn even more fat.

The third plan is called Endurance Maximizer. During it, you will get higher amounts of carbohydrates and lean proteins. The role is to build up your stamina, so this is the same diet professional athletes use. Same as during the previous part, you will burn more calories and be able to exercise for a longer period of time.

Useful additions you will also get

In this package, you also get post-workout supplement which will boost the energy levels. Three wristbands are also included. However, a more important part is the instructional videos. Most average people don’t know how to exercise, or when they do, they perform each exercise wrong. This is the best recipe for injuries.

All videos included are simple to follow and they are easy to implement. After just one watching you will be able to perform all exercises as a professional.

What can you expect?

The most important evidence, why this plan is so safe and so beneficial are testimonials of people who already tried it. There are more than 3000 people who used and still use this plan, and all of them highly rated the plan (4.8/5 stars).

In essence, you can expect a weight loss of 40 pounds in 90 days. At the same time, your muscles will appear below the fat and skin, so you will also look better. Still, the most important part is the safety. With this plan, there are no drawbacks nor health issues.

Go Check it Out Today!

Increase Testosterone Naturally with These Tips

increase testosterone kettlebellIt is possible that you are doing the correct workouts to gain muscle, but not getting the results you should be. This could be caused by low levels of testosterone. To fix this, we will need to increase testosterone. The best way to do that is Naturally.

Testosterone is a huge part of what grows the muscles in your body. This hormone isn’t just for your libido and erections. Quite a few bodybuilders use supplements that contain testosterone to quickly grow muscles and get better results.

If you are looking to increase testosterone naturally, here are some easy ways to do so:


Ginseng is a Chinese perennial herb that is able to naturally boost testosterone. Another effect it has on the body is bossing blood circulation as well. Ginseng is great for boosting libido and testosterone in men. There are many ginseng supplements available everywhere that can increase your testosterone level.


I’m sure you have learned about this in the past. If not, squats are another great way to naturally boost your testosterone. When doing squats, you are using the biggest muscles in your body. This drastically increases the levels of testosterone in your body. Before you start your workout, try doing a few squats. This should allow you to have a much better workout.

Don’t Over train

This can really lower your levels of testosterone. Try only working out for 30-60 minutes to avoid overtraining. Stress can be increased along with elevating serum cortisol which lowers your testosterone levels if you are overtraining.

Avoid Products Which Contain Soy

These are not good at all in order to increase testosterone levels. They actually increase estrogen which lowers testosterone. There are many health products that actually contain soy, so try to avoid using those. Make sure to check the labels of the supplements you are looking to purchase.


Resting is very important. Without getting enough sleep, stress can be increased. Not resting can also disrupt testosterone emissions in your body. Sleeping for 7-8 hours each night is a must.

Natural Testosterone Booster

There are bodybuilders that try natural supplements that contain testosterone for bulking and even cutting. The key ingredient in these supplements to increase testosterone is tribulu terrestris. This is an herb that is an excellent testosterone booster.