What Does Toner Do For Skin? Understand Pros And Cons of Skin Toners

What Are Skin Toners?

skin toner

Out of dozens of skincare products, toner is a basic and very easy to use the product. Toners have liquid-like consistency and are usually applied after a daily face wash. According to Loreal (a toner manufacture company), toners are also applied to face before using any moisturizer but what exactly makes a toner that useful for skincare? Let’s explore!

What Does Toner Do For Skin?

In very simple words, toner is a skin rescue product that protects the skin from dust, skin harming chemicals present in our surroundings, and unwanted skin oil. It does not stop here because a toner also removes remains of facial cream that is left behind after a perfect face wash. Basic ingredients of toner are meant to hydrate the skin. You can call it watering of your beautiful skin with a mineral-rich toner. Different companies adopt different formulas to develop their personalized skin toner. The final benefit that toner can have depends on its composition. For example, some toners are only meant to clean dust and other unwanted material off your skin while some can even result in sunshine face glow. Toners leave skin with a soft and refreshed impact. As mentioned earlier, a toner is a very basic component of makeup or skincare products.

Does Skin Toner Leave Skin Dry?

hand dry skin

Older skin toner formulas were based on alcohol use and alcohol leaves skin dried. Over time, different companies tried different formulas and fortunately, now we have skin toners without alcohol which results in fresh skin tone instead of having dehydrated or dried skin.

Do We Need Toners?

Toners come with almost zero side effects. You can enjoy having hydrated and perfectly glowing skin if used right toner for your skin. We are living in a modern world full of industries, fewer trees, dust, and all these factors impact directly on the skin. To make sure having perfect skin, toner should be your go. Our skins will easily be torn off and dry without toners. There is a very important thing that should be considered before you choose your toner. Different skins can have different problems that open up a chapter of having a different formula for different skin types. Understanding your skin requirements can be tricky sometimes but consulting a skin specialist can easily resolve this problem.

Can You Use A Toner On Daily Basis?

Skin toners are meant to hydrate your skin. They clean the dust off your skin and we often come in contact with dust and some because of our daily lifestyle. You can use a toner daily along with your skin moisturizer. NCBI does not recommend using toner that is formulated based on alcohol as they dehydrate the skin.

A very common example of a skin toner is rose water. Rosewater acts pretty similar to a skin toner and the only difference is the organic behavior of rose water.

The Benefits of Anti Aging Supplements

anti again supplements

One of today’s concerns is the effect the environment has on our skin. There is a rapid tendency of our skin to age quickly when exposed to pollution and the quality of food we take also. As a result, many are now worried about how to deal with this, and one of the solutions is to take anti-aging supplements to protect the aging process.

A lot of supplements are available in slowing down aging. The supplement came up due to the desire of people to look younger as they age. You can find various types of supplements, and one thing you should do is make sure you get supplements that are made from natural ingredients. 

Beware of those that contain artificial ingredients that can impact your overall health in the long run. Anti-aging is not only for people who want to look young but also for people who want to keep young and healthy. 

The following are the important benefits of using anti-aging supplements 

Benefit 1: You will have protection from free radicals through the antioxidants. 

The antioxidant group that allows for this includes vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene. Antioxidants are best suited for the prevention of cancer, heart disease, and several growing-old sicknesses. Antioxidants have become one of the best anti-aging supplements, as they destroy free radicals before causing disease. These antioxidants can be obtained from consuming fruits and vegetables. 

This group of antioxidants is also known as carotenoids, and a study has shown that even smokers with carotenoid-rich foods have a lower risk of developing lung cancer. Older people, drinkers, smokers with immune problems can get as many antioxidants as possible to prevent diseases. 

With the free radicals in the environment, the possibility of catching diseases in the respiratory system is high, especially without the necessary protection. The antioxidants will protect you against these diseases, and you will have this protection with good supplements, while at the same time, you will have skin that looks younger

Benefit 2: Your bones and joints will remain strong. 

Bone and joint supplements to health will help with the anti-aging process. The formula in this supplement helps maintain good bones, which are also critical in aging. These bone and joint supplements will provide the body with the nutrients needed to maintain bone structure and reduce fragility and other bone diseases. This is not just for the elderly to take, but even the students should take supplements for the bones. 

Benefit 3: Brainpower will be improved. 


Aging has a cognitive side effect. Supplements to brain health will help to maintain a healthy cognitive function. Anti-aging supplements are important for brain health in maintaining a longer life. 

Benefit 4: There will be good hormonal growth and maintenance. 

Anti-aging growth hormone supplements are also important. This supplement will improve the hormones to keep your skin smooth and prevent signs of aging. Hormones decrease when aging, and that is why it is also important to prevent hormone deficiency through anti-aging supplements as well. The hormones are also replaced by the new ones with the correct additives. 

Get the right anti-aging supplements, and you’ll never be afraid to reflect your age in your appearance and skin.

Four Different Types of Wounds

Wounds are body injuries that could be minor, such as a scratch with slight bleeding, to severe, like a total loss of a part of the body. Wounds have four primary categories based on the injury type.


types of wounds laceration

Lacerations or cuts are a wound type where the skin is ripped apart with a sharp item, like a razor, a knife, or the edge of a paper. Olin Health Center at Michigan State University reported that lacerations are a wound type that makes a line on the skin’s surface. This line can penetrate the skin layers and get to the tissue underneath. Cuts often lead to profuse bleeding. To treat this, stitches from medical personnel are always needed. The treatment is meant to stop the reopening of the wound while also preventing it from getting infected.


Abrasion is a different wound type, often referred to as a scrape. A scrape forms when the skin’s top layers get removed from rubbing against a rough and/or hard surface. Based on a report from the University of Southern Connecticut State University, abrasions are typically very shallow wounds. This shallowness is in contract with the intense nature of lacerations. The university reports that it is essential to get an abrasion cleaned up and put an antibiotic ointment for speedy healing and to prevent infection. Abrasions usually lead to scabs. Scabs are a way in which the body applies its natural bandage to cover the wound. The scabs break off and fall after protecting and healing the wound. If you pick at scabs, the healing time of the injury can be delayed


Puncture wounds are a wound type that results from a sharp object piercing the skin. The injury can get deep down below the surface and up to the tissue. According to MedlinePlus, the usual causes of the puncture wound are the knife tip, a sharp tooth, or a nail. MedlinePlus recommended that if the injury still has debris, the victim should get medical attention to remove it. They should not go probing inside the puncture wound in trying to take off the foreign object. Olin Health Center reported that puncture wounds typically don’t bleed readily like other wound types. Since bleeding is used to eject foreign objects from the body wound, puncture wounds are more prone to becoming infected.

types of wounds punctures


These wound types involve the skin or/and the tissue being torn off the body. A severe nature of the avulsion wound is the case of an amputation, whereby a part of the body, like the hand or the finger, is removed when someone injures. Victims should get instant medical help to help treat this wound type due to the severity of the torn flesh or skin or a limb that is amputated. Avulsions can become painful because of the torn muscle or/and skin. They often lead to profuse bleeding.

Extra: Bruises

You can learn more about them here

Benefits of Elderberry and Chickpeas for Weight Loss

elderberry weight loss

Weight loss journey is not easy for everyone. Some of us have the problem getting up and going out for the exercise, to gyms, or to swim or to cycle. In the house, exercises seem like an impossible task for many of us like myself. On the other hand, many people have problems keeping up with the diet. You may have heard the phrase, its 70% diet and 30% workout. What if incorporating some specific food ingredients in your daily diet could help you to lose weight even if you are not entirely able to meet both ends like workout and dieting.

Those ingredients are elderberry and chickpeas. Elderberry and chickpeas are good for weight loss. These two specific food items have several benefits in terms of improving overall health, including skin improvements to major immune system upgrades. However, they are also accommodating if you are trying to lose weight.



What are they?

In the Middle East, people are growing chickpeas for thousands of years. Chickpeas gained popularity because of its health and weight loss benefits recently throughout the world. Scientifically called Cicer arietinum. They have another common name, garbanzo beans.

Are chickpeas good for weight loss?

How can they aid Weight loss?

As they are rich in protein and dietary fiber, they can satisfy food cravings in many ways. They can be a part of salads; chickpeas make salads tasty and more enjoyable. Chickpeas can serve as a crunchy snack. They can be stirred in soups and stews. Due to fiber, they prevent you from constipation, which is a common problem when you are following a strict diet. They can fulfill the required daily protein consumption. When consumed regularly on a daily basis, chickpeas keep your appetite under control.

Nutrient profile (100 grams)

  • Calories: 46
  • Carbs: 8 grams
  • Fiber: 2 grams
  • Protein: 3 grams
  • Folate: 12%
  • Iron: 4%
  • Phosphorus: 5%
  • Copper: 5%
  • Manganese: 14%

Other Overall Benefits:

  • Inexpensive
  • Improved digestion
  • Blood sugar level control
  • Prevents cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.
  • Easy to add to any food.


What are they?

Elderberries’ scientific name is Sambucus berries. They belong to a flowering plant family. They are usually found in subtropical regions of the world, most typically northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, they are also present in some areas of South America and Australia. Elderberries are green, and they turn dark purple when ripen, sometimes they appear as red as well. Some of the popular varieties are American elder and the European elder.

Is elderberry good for weight loss?

How can they aid Weight loss?

Elderberries are rich in fiber; they provide the feeling of fullness and prevent you from binge-eating habits. They reduce inflammation and help in improving blood pressure. Provide aid in controlling blood sugar levels. Common factors assisting weight gain are inflammation and poor blood sugar level. Elderberries are beneficial in regulating both of them.

Nutrient profile (per 100 grams)

  • Calories : 73
  • Carbohydrates: 18.4 grams
  • Dietary fiber:  7 grams
  • Fat: 0.5 grams
  • Protein: 0.66 grams
  • Calcium: 38 mg
  • Iron: 1.6 mg
  • Magnesium:  5 mg
  • Phosphorus:  39 mg
  • Potassium: 280 mg
  • Zinc: 0.11 mg
  • Vitamin A: 30mcg
  • Vitamin C: 36mg

Other overall Benefits

  • Immunity booster
  • Heartrate regulator
  • Aid for Diabetic patients
  • Digestive system improvements
  • Skin and hair care
  • Provide aid for strengthening bones.

My Thoughts!

Both elderberries and chickpeas are natural to become part of your daily diet. You can eat them in their natural form, but there are other ways to consume them. Chickpeas are usually used to be added into salads and soups, while most common methods of taking elderberries are through making tea, jam, and syrups.

What’s the Best Cleanser for Dry Skin?

cleanser for dry skin

One of the biggest questions people ask when taking care of their skin is what’s the best cleanser? For dry skin that answer is easy. You want a gentle, milky cleanser over something frothy and foaming. A lot of people associate foaming with cleaning, but sometimes those ingredients that lather your skin can strip your face of precious sebum.

Now, there are plenty of foaming cleansers that are fabulous, and this isn’t one size fits all. In fact, Dermaware has a great gentle foaming cleanser for dry skin, but in general, if you’re speaking with a skincare specialist, you’ll be advised to look for creamy and milky cleansers.

Affordable Skin Care

Milky cleansers gently melt away make-up, dirt, and debris, while also being extremely calm and soothing to the skin. If you want something in the drugstore brand range, you won’t go wrong with the popular choice of Cetaphil, which comes highly recommended and has won Allure Beauty Choice awards year after year. In fact, it won their Best of Beauty badge in 2006, 2007, and 2013. It also won the
Reader’s Choice in 2017, 2018, and 2019. (source)

Here’s the best part. If you miss your soapy, foaming fix, Cetaphil now also has a gentle foaming face wash, though their traditional version is a milky cleanser.

face wash skin care

Higher-End Skin Care Choices

If you’d prefer a higher-end brand over a drugstore brand, consider Dermalogica. They offer an UltraCalming Cleanser along with a Special Cleansing Gel that can target your concerns.

While most brands offer targeted skin care, you’ll want to look for mild ingredients. One of the things dermatologists like about Cetaphil is the gentle pH which doesn’t cause your skin to react.

Check the ingredients and reviews of products to see how people respond to them. Reviews, whether on Amazon, Ulta, or Sephora can help you narrow your choices.

Dry Skin vs. Dehydrated Skin

One final note. Don’t confuse dry skin with dehydrated skin. They are two separate things. Dry skin is your skin type. This has to do with pore size and sebum production. Dehydrated skin is when your body isn’t properly hydrated.

Dehydrated skin is a “condition,” not a skin type. This is important to differentiate. Using dry skin products on dehydrated skin isn’t the solution. In this case, you’ll use extra-moisturizing properties that are targeted to your skin type, whether it’s normal, combination, or oily.

It is possible to have dry skin that is also dehydrated. If you’re not sure what type of skin you have, or you’ve been guessing, it may be time to see an esthetician or skin care specialist who can help you not only pick out the proper skincare regime, but guide you on what products you should be using for the skin type you have. You’d be surprised how many people misidentify their skin type.

Coke Zero Vs Diet Coke

coke zero diet coke

For mid-diet soda-drinkers seeking lower-calorie options to their favorite classic beverages, both Coke Zero and Diet Coke are sugar-free, calorie-free choices that deliver on taste and enjoyment. The two products aim to offer a more health-conscious alternative to a full-sugar soda. If given a choice, most Coke drinkers strongly prefer one soda over the other, even though on surface-level they seem the same.

So how does Coke Zero versus Diet Coke truly compare?

If you measure up Coke Zero versus Diet Coke in terms of taste, Coke Zero is reported to have a flavor more comparable to the original taste of Coca-Cola; Diet Coke, on the other hand, offers a unique blend of flavoring that is described as lighter than the classic. Fizzy-drink fans simply seeking a replacement for the full-flavored option might prefer Coke Zero over Diet Coke; conversely, many people enjoy the taste of Diet Coke over Coca-Cola regardless of health mindfulness.

coke bottles

However, the true difference between the two comes from one simple ingredient —a chemical. While Coke Zero lists potassium citrate and acesulfame potassium in its ingredients, Diet Coke does not. That lack of potassium contributes to the difference of flavoring that sets the two drinks apart, and keeps customers intentionally seeking out one soda versus the other.

So what’s the same? If you’re concerned about counting calories and cutting sugars, both Coke Zero and Diet Coke offer the same benefits. That’s because they use similar sweeteners to replace the full-sugar flavor of Coca-Cola. Nutritionally, both drinks are more or less equivalent. In each portion of the sodas, there are zero calories, no fat, no carbs, and a comparable 40 g of sodium.

What’s better between Coke Zero and Diet Coke —the answer to the question truly depends upon the personal preference of whoever’s drinking!

Best Skin Care Routine for Oily Sky

Oily skin has many challenges to take care of like acne or shinny skin complex. Oily skin has large visible pores and pimples. Skin becomes shinier at the mid of the day. Our body naturally produces oil called sebum. The more sebum our skin produces, the bigger the oil gland gets, increasing the size of our pores.

Oily skin can be hereditary, but no doubt, it can be the result of hormones changes in your body like periods, pregnancy, fatty eating, UV-rays, environmental pollution, and other lifestyle choices. Here we will discuss the best skin care routine for oily skin. You can use these steps morning and evening for clean, healthy, pore-free, and shine-free complexion.

Cleansing of skin:

Having oily skin will tolerate more cleansing. Cleansing day and night is essential for oily skin. People have oily skin; they know that their skin is busy shedding and producing oils day and night. That is why start and end your day with cleansing. Start the morning with a gel or foam cleanser (cleanser that does not have larger particles). A gel cleanser is best for oily skin, and it helps to remove excess oil without stripping and dehydrating the skin. Use a cleaner and facewash which has the salicylic acid in it. It helps to clean oil and dead skin from the pores of the skin.

Apply toner:

Once your skin is clean from all dirt and oil, then apply toner. Toner helps to maintain the PH of the skin, which controls oil production. Toner will tighten your pores and remove the impurities from the skin. Try to ease your skin by using a toner that comforts the oily skin like aloe Vera, ginseng, or hyaluronic acid—rebalancing your skin naturally by herbal extracts, leaving skin feeling toned and clean.

Apply moisturizer:

Moisturizer is essential for all skin types. People with oily skin do not apply moisturizer because they think it will make their skin greasy. Oily skin needs to use a moisturizer like a gel moisturizer with water-like texture and lightweight because it contains a lower amount of oil and emulsifier. Every oily skin is different, so a little testing is recommended. Try different moisturizers, which makes your skin more comfortable then choose that moisturizer.

Apply sunscreen:       

When you are going outdoor, it is essential for your skin protection needs to wear sunscreen at least SPF30. Try to wear a daily moisturizer with your sunscreen so your skin will protect with UV-rays, and oil production will be less. Use sunblock that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Keep in mind the sunscreen is the final step in your skin care routine even in summers before applying makeup or primer. 😉


Start managing your oily skin routine for healthy and clear skin. Make a habit of washing face after exercise, and in A.M and P.M., these are daily easy routine for cleansing, toning, moisturizing the skin both in morning and night. Washing your face after exercising reduces your skin oiliness and helps keep your skin clear and healthy. Stay healthy, stay happy 😊

7 Days a Week: Healthy Snacks for Children

healthy snacks children

Children need to eat healthy snacks throughout the day. Trying to think of creative ways to feed your child the same healthy foods is a big challenge. Here are snack ideas for every day this week that will keep your kid coming back for more.

Sunday– Snack Kebobs. Cube low-fat cheese and wash some grapes. Alternate the grapes and cheese on the kebob. You can use any type of fruit with this snack. The children will love the fact that they have to play with their food by taking it off the kabob before they eat.

Monday– Fruit and Cereal. Whole-grain cereal, low-fat milk, and your child’s favorite fruits are all that make up this easy to make snack. Try using strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and other types of berries for a “Berry Crunch” cereal snack. Cube Granny Smith apples, Fuji apples, and Red Delicious apples for an “Apple Explosion” cereal. Use your imagination and have fun creating.

Tuesday– Pear slices and low-fat cheese. You can mix any combination of fruit and cheese to make this snack. A spin-off of peaches and cottage cheese this snack offers a new age twist to an old favorite. Slices of cheese, cubed cheese, string cheese, any kind of cheese will work. Oranges, bananas, or plums also work well.

fruit shake

Wednesday– Fruit Shake. Yum! Take your favorite fruit. Deseed and peel the fruit if necessary. Cut up the fruit and place in a blender with plain low-fat yogurt. Whirl the mixture together and pour in glasses. You have yourself a healthy and yummy fruit shake.

Thursday– Sweet Potato. Bake a sweet potato in the microwave until done. Cut the potato in half and add your child’s favorite toppings. You can use salsa, low-fat sour cream, low-fat cheese, or anything else healthy to top your sweet potato with. These can be kind of big for smaller children so think about halving the sweet potato.

Friday– Vegetable Plate. Cut up some tomato, cucumber, carrots, broccoli, and green bell peppers. Make a delicious veggie plate that your children cannot resist. Offer a low-fat version of your child’s favorite dressing to dip the veggies. Try making a face or a picture out of the veggies before serving them to your child.

Saturday– Celery and peanut butter. Cut pieces of celery and let your children dip it in peanut butter. You could even do the old favorite ants on a log and add raisins to the top. Try using cream cheese for the celery if your child doesn’t like peanut butter or is allergic to peanuts.

What’s good for your children to eat is also going to be beneficial to you as well. When you are making a snack for the kids be sure to set some aside for you as well. Try to stay away from foods that are high in fat and sodium. Eating food in between meals is very important to not just children. There are benefits that come from eating small healthy snacks in between our 3 large meals each day.

– Promote Learning. Having a snack will help your child learn and boost their memory. 

– Stops Overeating. Providing yourself or your children with snacks will stop overeating at dinner and other meals. 

– Fuel Growth. Healthy snacks have calories and nutrients that our kids need to fuel their growth. Want to become healthier with your children?

Check out www.choosemyplate.gov for fun games that teach you how to eat healthier and be active.

Cool Fun for a Hot Day: Wet Games to Play When the Temperature is High

In July and August, the temperatures can be very warm. Keeping cool becomes a task everyone wants to be successful at. Water filled games are a great way to keep cool on a hot day.

boy jumping in sprinkler

Sprinkler Move Freeze

This is a game based on the game move freeze. In Move Freeze, when the music is playing everyone is dancing around having a great time. When the music stops, everyone freezes until the music starts again. This variation involves dancing around a turned off sprinkler. When the music stops and everyone freezes, the sprinkler is turned on and everyone freezes quite literally until the music plays again.

Badminton with Water Balloons

For this game a badminton or volleyball net is needed. The players should be divided into two teams. Each team gets a sheet on their side of the net. The object is to use the sheet to toss the water balloon across the net. The other team tries to catch the water balloon in their sheet and toss it back. The winner can be declared after ten good catches and tosses or after 10 great breaks of the balloon.

girl water balloons

Toss Across with Water Balloons

This game requires pairs of people and water balloons. The players start facing each other about one foot apart. The toss the balloon back and forth. After three tosses, each partner takes one step backward. If more than one team is playing make sure everyone takes the same size steps backward. Players continue tossing the water balloons back and forth until the balloons are broken. The winners are declared to be the team that can toss from the furthest apart.

Sponge Tag

Everyone has played a variation of tag. This variation adds an element of wet fun to the game. One player is selected to be it. It is given a big soft sponge. The sponges used to wash cars work well for this game. It soaks the sponge in water. The game then begins with It trying to hit the other players with the thrown sponge. Hit players can be spotted very easily by the water dripping off the spot they were hit in. The player hit becomes the new It, and the game starts again.

Cold Potato

Everyone has played hot potato at one time or another in their life. This version of the game is fun and cooling at the same time. The only material required for this game is a filled water balloon. All the players should stand in a circle. A hole is poked in the balloon so water can begin to leak out. Players pass the balloon around the circle trying to avoid being the one left holding it when the water runs totally out.

Whether playing cold potato, sponge tag or one of the other games in this article, a cool time will be had by all.

Sun Safety Facts for Children and Parents

sun clouds sky

Some exposure to the sun is healthy for everyone. The sun is the primary source of vitamin D for the world, which is necessary for better calcium absorption and preventing depression. Too much sun, or failure to properly protect the skin can cause skin damage, eye damage and in some cases skin cancer.

The UVA rays of the sun are the cause of skin cancer and premature aging. The sun’s UVB rays are the cause of burns, cataracts and immune system damage. The sun also has UVC rays, but these do not reach the earth because of the ozone layer.

How the Skin Reacts to the Sun

The skin’s reaction to the sun is caused by a chemical called melanin. Melanin helps to protect the skin. The amount of melanin in people’s skin varies depending on skin tone. People with a fair skin tone have much less melanin than people with dark skin.

Fair-skinned people are most likely to get burns and are at a higher risk of skin cancer. When people get a tan on their skin from the sun, this is caused by sun damage. The more time spent in the sun, the darker the tan gets. Too much sun can cause burns and even blistering.

Sun Safety Tips for Children

sunscreen children

To prevent sunburn, parents should always be sure that children are wearing a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. It is recommended that children stay indoors between 10 am and 2 pm, when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

If families must be outside during this time, it is important to try to stay in the shade. The heat of the sun can also cause dehydration from sweating, so parents and children should drink lots of water when out in the sun. Sun hats and sunglasses are important to protect the eyes from sun damage.

Sunscreen to Prevent Sun Burn and Damage

A sunscreen of at least SPF 30 should be used for children. Parents should be sure that sunscreen is applied to the entire body, even areas covered by clothes as clothing does not protect from the sun’s rays. The sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure, and reapplied throughout the day. If children are swimming, sunscreen should be reapplied upon leaving the water.

Sun Warnings

The sun causes serious damage if safety measures are not used. Skin cancer and serious burns can be prevented with the right sunscreen. The sun can also cause overheating, which can lead to heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

Nausea, vomiting, fainting and delirium are signs of either of these problems and need immediate medical attention. If a child has a fever, trouble looking at light or has an infected sun burn parents should also contact the family doctor.